The Elements

Everyday elements cause damage to your hair. This damage is caused by the sun, heat, technical services, air conditioning and central heating as well as heated appliances.


Hair, unlike the skin, does not have any self-regeneration properties. In fact, the hair fibre does not receive any nutrients or vitamins. Sun exposure dries the hair out, causing accelerated aging and can affect the colour of the hair.


Tobacco smoke, polluted air, UV rays, radioactive radiation, organic solvents and chemicals all contain free radicals and are regularly encountered in everyday life. Studies show that when hair is exposed to large amounts of free radicals for long periods of time, it ages faster – just like your skin.


Air conditioning removes moisture from the air affecting the natural protection of the scalp and hair fibre, which is needed to help maintain hydrated hair. With this natural protection gone, hair can become dry, dull, weak and brittle.


Heat can cause lasting damage to hair. High or excessive heat can permanently break the disulfide bonds within hair strands that give hair its strength along with protein cross-links.

10 Signs of damaged hair

Excessive Hair Shredding
Split Ends
No More Curls
Porous Hair
No Shine or Lustre
Feeling of Dryness
No More Elasticity
Too Tangled
Hard to Manage
Wrong Colour or Shade
No Shine or Lustre
Wrong Colour or Shade