The Range

Our Range

The Climaplex range brings together revolutionary haircare performance and sustainable, natural products that protect the environment at every stage of their lifecycle.

The ever-increasing external stresses on our hair drive a demand for innovative, high performance haircare solutions that deliver on their promises, enabling our customers to look and feel fantastic without compromising the health of the world we live in.

Climaplex uses CP Reparative Technology

CP Reparative Technology uses a multiplex additive that restores the natural hydration and structure of the hair after chemical treatments, (colour, perm and straightening), excessive heat from styling appliances, and lack of moisture from air conditioning, central heating and sun damage.

Benefits of CP Reparative Technology include:

  • Returning the hair to it’s natural PH level
  • Rebuilding external damage to the hair’s cuticle
  • Rebuilding the broken disulphide bonds creating internal strength
  • Reducing scalp irritation
  • Smoothing the cuticle layer

Designed to protect the hair

Our unique, dermatologically tested ClimaplexTM Technology repairs and protects the hair from the inside out and the outside in, restoring even the most neglected locks to salon worthy tresses.